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JCPSC Covenant of Jewish Professional Leadership
Brit HaMiktzoa

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Alumni Newsletter:

Fall 2011
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Winter 2009

The Community

Network of caring at SJNM

Community… in all of its manifestations… is a core value of the School of Jewish Nonprofit Management, beginning with the class cohorts and extending out to the HUC and USC communities, the Jewish professional community (the Jewish Communal Professionals of Southern California and the national Jewish Communal Service Association) and the broader Jewish community locally, in North America, in Israel and throughout the world. The SJNM embraces a tightly interconnected network of students, faculty, alumni, professionals and lay leaders in a community, both real and virtual. The SJNM experience weaves the multiple voices, perspectives, roles, talents and visions of this community into a network of caring, support and encouragement.

SJNM students The SJNM itself is diverse and pluralistic with students coming with a wide range of work, educational, cultural and life experiences. Mirroring the reality of the contemporary Jewish world, the SJNM student body is Jewishly pluralistic and multi-denominational, with an array of religious practice, political perspectives, and ethnic/national backgrounds. Further enriching the academic environment, SJNM cohorts include students studying in a variety of disciplines, including education and rabbinical students at HUC, as well as MBA, MPA, MSW, and Communication Management students at the University of Southern California (USC). The diversity of the SJNM community mirrors the diversity of the broader Jewish community and provides the contours of an extensive and mutually-supportive professional network.